Adult Group Coaching

I run regular Adult Group Coaching sessions throughout the week. Not sure which group is for you? Ask me, I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction!
Want to come to a group but can’t make every week? Ask me, I will be more than happy to sort an alternative for those weeks! We will make it work so that you still receive coaching for these sessions.

Adult Group Sessions

Adult Beginner : Thursdays 18:00-19:00 The Grange
Adult Beginners - aimed at those looking to learn to play for the first time. Or maybe you would like to transfer your skills from another racket sport. Maybe the last time you played was at school or university and you now have more time to play. This course is for you. It will allow you to build your confidence and your skill set whilst learning the basics in a fun environment.
Adult Beginner / Intermediate : 19:00-20:00 Dean
Adult beginner / intermediate - You may have played squash for some time, participate in the lower squash leagues or progressed through my beginners group. This is a better standard from beginners and more challenging too. More emphasise on shot selection, straight drives and the volley as well as brushing up on your other shots. Coach / feed, drills, conditioned games and match play sessions.
Adult Intermediate : Monday 20:10-21:10 The Grange
Adult intermediate - These sessions are aimed at lower to mid league players looking to progress. Again, a step up from the beginner / intermediate group. Focus on increasing your accuracy and nailing the basics. Coach / feed, drills, conditioned game and match practice sessions.
Adult Improver : Tuesday 10:00-11:00
Adult improver - Similar session to evening improver group but giving a daytime option. Aimed at those who have more daytime availability.
Adult Improver : Tuesday 18:00-19:00 The Grange
Adult Improver - These sessions are aimed at regular mid to upper league players and those that are on the brink of entering team squash. You have a good understanding of the game and are looking to move on to the next level. Again a better level of player to the intermediate class. A real focus on movement, shot selection and controlling the ‘T’ Zone.
Circuit Training : Saturday - 09:00-09:45
Circuit Training - High intensity blast! Squash specific workout. Focus on squats / lunges, pulse raisers, core strength work and movement. All levels welcome. This is a fantastic workout covering all areas to increase power, strength and speed.
Team Training - by invitation.
High intensity, dynamic sessions. Aimed at those participating in East Leagues. Focus on grooving your shots, target based practices aimed at taking your game to the next level. Drills / conditioned games / shot selection / match practice. Emphasis on “moving up the court”, taking the ball early and controlling the “T” Zone.
All groups run on a six block cycle Cost of squash six week coaching block £46.00 Cost of circuit six week block £30.00
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